Move from Passion Project to Profitable Business

without deserting your faith!



Money mindsets are the base

of every business.

And your mindset base, the one you DON'T see, drives all the results you DO see.

As a Christ-follower, it can often feel like a hopeless choice: selflessly serving others or courageously quoting your fees.

As a Christ-follower, it can often feel like a hopeless choice:
selflessly serving others or courageously quoting your fees.

Have you ever thought...

✔️ I'm afraid people will think I'm greedy

✔️ I feel so awkward quoting my fees

✔️ I want to help this person but they don't have money to pay?

✔️ Why do I keep lowering my prices?

✔️ Did God really call me to build a business or should this be a ministry instead?


 Imagine if you could...

✔️ Confidently state your rates
 because you prayerfully sought God’s will

✔️ Finally, understand the Bible’s teaching on the beautiful role of business

✔️ No longer worry about what others thought

✔️ Know that your pricing blessed you, served others, and glorified God


It's Time to Flourish

 There’s a simple solution to go from insecure and anxious about your pricing to confidently, consistently, profitably running your business!

So what is this powerful secret?

Align your Money Mindsets
with God’s Will For YOU!

Our money mindsets are the foundation of our business. We rarely stop and consider what we believe about money. The stories we’ve been told. The cultural phrases we’ve accepted as true. 

But when we find ourselves stuck in our business - not growing, not serving clients, not seeing results - it’s time to look deeper. As Christians, we have the unique privilege of going directly to God to hear what He says about money in His Word. We can rely on His truth to support us in our role as entrepreneurs.  

Hi there, I’m Kim Avery.

My mission is to help Christ-centered coaches and entrepreneurs build successful businesses as they partner with God to change the world.

But for your business to make a difference in the world, it must succeed.

Before I started my own business, I’d never charged anyone, for anything, ever. I was terrible at sales. I couldn’t even sell Girl Scout cookies to my hungry friends!  

All my life I’d either worked for someone else or served in ministry capacities at church. No selling needed. 

So, starting Day One of my business, every mindset cell in my body screamed,

“I should be coaching for FREE.” 

I made every mistake you can think of. I stuttered and coughed when I quoted my fees, reduced the price even if no one complained, and repeatedly gave my coaching services away.

None of that served me, my business, my family, or even my clients. 

I knew I had mindset blocks holding me back but I didn’t know how to overcome them. 

I tried what I saw other coaches doing. I tried charging what I’m “worth,” gritting my teeth and saying a higher fee, even repeatedly stating coaching is a business and not a ministry.

But none of that felt right. 

When I uncovered the "3-R Process" to change my money mindsets, my business and my clients were both finally able to flourish.

I realized that my business was God’s business. I served Him. This is true for you and your business too. This is why the strategies and tools I discovered can help you, your business, your family, and your clients flourish!


$197   $147

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✔️ Confidence that your money mindsets are aligned with God’s calling for you and for the glory of His name 

✔️ Understanding money mindsets and how to embrace what serves you and change what’s holding you back

✔️ Real-life applications you can take action on immediately in your life and in your business 

✔️ Proven tools and workbook that guide you step-by-step through the process to uncover God’s will for your business, serve your clients, price your services, and create a win-win relationship every time 

✔️ Direction to apply the process to every money mindset, so that you can completely transform your relationship with revenue and profit

Since I came up with a definite fee,
I can say it confidently...

I have learned if they invest, they do the best!!!
It’s a fact!


Take a Look Inside

I gained so much insight from working through the material. Scripture actually encourages us to engage in business,
and if there is no profit, there is no business!
Making a profit from honorable business actually honors God.



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What's Included


  ✔️ Bite-sized videos that are engaging, short, & fun

  ✔️ Downloadable audio: listen anytime, from anywhere

  ✔️ Practical worksheets to help you make this information your own

  ✔️ Steps for implementation to keep you on track every step of the way

  ✔️ Mobile app: learn on the go

  ✔️ Bonus Report: Pricing  Benchmarks for Coaches from Around the Globe



$197   $147

Limited Time Only


I’m so grateful for Kim’s course… This is an important topic that many people do not address in the Christian coaching world... What I appreciated the most was the connection to biblical principles. That opened my heart to receive and recognize that I did have some limiting mindsets that needed to shift.

Happiness Guarantee

Here is our 100%  “Do the Work. Get Results.” Guarantee. I want you to know you can uncover wrong beliefs and change your beliefs to be in alignment with God’s Word. When you work the program it will work for you. Dive into the program, take up to 14 days to work through the material, and if you feel like it’s not working for you, it’s not helping you, you're not getting value out of it, you just need to email my team with copies of your completed worksheets and we will give you a FULL REFUND.

Last week, one of my initial inquiry calls was with an older, retired woman. As we were wrapping up the call she asked about rates. I first stated what is included then quoted my rate and then was quiet although I must admit my brain was wanting to blurt out “if you are on a fixed income, I could lower my rates.” I bit my lip hard and said nothing as I listened to her express her appreciation for having someone listen to her. This afternoon she called to tell me her decision to move ahead with coaching!! I’m so excited and it was a reminder to me to not lower my rates. WOW. And who knows, she might be a millionaire and I could have insulted her by suggesting she couldn’t afford it. Isn’t that a thought?

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$197   $147

Limited Time Only


I know that building a business is hard, and I'll never forget those first few years of work.

I was tired, frustrated, and confused. I was sure God had given me the vision for my business and I was doing everything I could but I just wasn’t seeing the results. 

God opened my eyes to His wisdom and the money mindsets that were holding me back. He led me to: 

✔️ Search for the Biblical principles 

✔️ Uncover the wrong beliefs I held about money, profit, and how a business owner should act and serve others

✔️ Identify the dangers loving money can bring

 ✔️ Celebrate the ways our mindsets honor God

 ✔️ Implement the action steps He revealed

I’ve packed up the lessons I’ve learned into these easy-to-follow, step-by-step action steps for YOU. So that you can experience the same peace and prosperity in your business that I’ve found in mine. 

With abundant blessings,