Marketing Momentum Is No Longer Available

Thank you for your interest.

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Complete Contents: One Low Price

Hi, I'm Kim Avery, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m retiring. Retiring from 75% of what I’ve done for the last 12 years. 

God is leading me to support coaches, leaders, & entrepreneurs in new and deeper ways, but before I do, I want to wrap up this season well.

That means in a “burn the bridges” move, for one month only, I’m offering the entire contents of Marketing Momentum for one low price.

That’s right. Pay one payment of $797 and get access to ALL 25 courses.

You can get a sneak peek at some of those courses below, and don’t forget to check out the fine print at the bottom! 


Marketing Momentum Is No Longer Available

A complete course. A rich resource vault.

Everything you need, when YOU need it!

As a Christ-follower, it can often feel like a hopeless choice:
selflessly serving others or courageously quoting your fees.

A rich resource vault...

✔️ Full access to every tutorial

✔️ Start wherever its best for you

✔️ Look up just the information you need

✔️ Available 24/7, use at your own pace

A high-end course...

✔️ Follow the step-by-step roadmap

✔️ Enjoy the bite-sized tutorials

✔️ Stay on track with checklists

✔️ Take the action steps

✔️ Track & celebrate your progress


Marketing Momentum Is No Longer Available

















Marketing Momentum Is No Longer Available

What's Included


  ✔️ Bite-sized videos that are engaging, short, & fun

  ✔️ Bonus Trainings: Implement what you learn 

  ✔️ Practical worksheets to help you make this information your own

  ✔️ Steps for implementation to keep you on track every step of the way

  ✔️ Mobile app: Learn on the go

  ✔️ Tools & Templates: Simply Fill in the Blanks


Here's how this works:

1. Pay a one-time fee of $797. You can use a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

2. Check your email to confirm payment and receive access information.

3. Log in to the online Marketing Momentum program to get instant access to all the courses. (Although we will stop selling Marketing Momentum on Friday, February 18th, you will be able to access your program whenever you want, for as often as you want until 12/31/24.)

Be sure to read the fine print below.


Marketing Momentum Is No Longer Available









The Fine Print:

Here’s a little more detail, and hopefully, answers to all your questions:

  • This deal is nonrefundable.

  • There are no payment plans. Since you’re going to get instant access to all 25 courses and all associated videos, transcripts, tools, templates, and resources, we can’t accept payment plans.

  • This is not retroactive. If you have purchased one of our courses in the past, a discount for that purchase can’t be applied here. This is still an incredible deal. 

  • This is a one-time offer. (While I will continue to offer the Money Mindsets course on its own, and perhaps one or two others, this is the only time I’ll ever offer the entire online program for sale.)

  • This includes limited support. We are not offering any coaching or marketing support with this offer, but you will have email access and tech support in case you can’t log in or access your materials.

  • The copyright still remains with ALL of this material and will never expire. You may not share, give away, or resell any course or any of the Marketing Momentum content.

  • You’ll have full access for almost two years. Once we take these programs off the market, you will continue to have full access to the material until 12/31/24 during which time you can download any tools or template you want to keep before we remove access entirely. 


Marketing Momentum Is No Longer Available

Thank you!

Whether you participate in this offer or not, thank you for the wonderful work that you do in this world.

It's important.

You are important!

I pray that God will richly bless you as you serve Him. 

Kim Avery